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2024 | Centric Park

Research-Based Design

Better understanding means better results.

A shared strategic vision for your customer experience means total understanding of the customer mindset achieved through empathy and study.

Calculated Speed

Sprint! A modular, proven approach to rapid progress.

Bursts of work allow us to create, learn and adapt together. Our proven method is built on continuous improvement, developing better outcomes, and better work product. We work in total partnership to ensure what we build makes it to your customers gracefully.

Dedicated Teams

We assemble amazing teams that do great things.

Our teams are dynamically built and hand-picked for each assignment ensuring highly relevant skills and experience on your project. Whoever we need for the line-up, that’s who we draft and deliver.

Embedded Design Team Model

We have design athletes, but so do you. Our folks join your locker room to help you win more. We are respectful of your team’s talent and work collaboratively to score more points.

Product Design,
World-Class UX/UI

We help deliver amazing digital products that customers love. Thoughtful screen design and product flow help customers get more done with you without friction.

Service Design,
CX Strategy

A shared vision for your customer experience means total understanding of the customer (or employee) journey and it’s pain points, and hero moments.

Case Studies

  • Using behavioral science to deliver product engagement

    InsideTracker InsideTracker asked us to help drive incremental product improvements while also integrating new features into their successful health and wellness product. Modernizing the product and integrating newly designed features, helped InsideTracker attract and engage their users. This product combines the best of artificial intelligence, behavioral and nutritional science and delivers them through a best-in-class, personalized health companion.
  • Delivering a New Wealth Management Experience

    Napier fka US Wealth Management Napier (formerly, US Wealth Management) had a shift in business strategy that required a new approach to both their brand and their website. The new site needed to better reflect their sophisticated, high-net-worth client base, while also capturing the friendly spirit that has always driven deep client loyalty. Centric Park worked closely with the Napier team translate a new brand direction to a beautiful, user-centered web experience. Our work included customer research, competitive analysis, UX/UI design and development and launch on the WordPress platform. The new website was launched on-time and used in support of a re-launch campaign at a key trade event.
  • Creating a world-class design system

    EchoSec Echosec’s small but growing product team needed hands-on research, design best practices and delivery expertise to achieve both short and long-term product goals. Centric Park delivered both design leadership in the form of training Echosec designers, as well as process upgrades combined with tactical delivery execution. Through this unique partnership, we were able to take ideas and rapidly turn them into product designs while also advancing the team’s maturity.


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Centric Park designs digital products for the best companies in the world. We are hands-on executives who’ve been designing and delivering world-class digital products and experiences to startups and stalwarts. We pride ourselves on being reliable and enthusiastic partners that love the challenge of understanding your customer, and building great things they’ll love to use.
Michael KirkpatrickCEO, Co-Founder
Brady BonusCDO, Co-Founder


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